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2018 - Pre-Season Schedule Interactive Projections

The 2018 season projector is an exclusive PossessionPoints feature. The table below is populated with some adjustments already made so you have the idea of what you can do. Understanding PossessionPoints is helpful but not necessary to work with this page. PossessionPoints is a stat based on Points scored, time or possession and when the points are scored. The stat lends itself to mathematical manipulation. To make adjustments think about a team's offseason moves, trades, draft etc and decide if a team improved or backtracked. If they improved a little adjust by 2-8%, a big move is 25% or more. If they backtracked you can adjust by a negative percentage. Behind the scenes we run their adjusted PossessionPoints total against the teams schedule making adjustments for home field and project wins and losses for every game. This analysis tool will always yield 256 wins and 256 losses, frequently you will read projection articles and blogs where the author doesn't get the total right, this will never happen with this tool. Some teams records are very sensitive to adjustment while others need to make substantial improvement or regression before their win loss record changes much. For example, in the 2012 table both the Redskins and Raiders were given a 10% positive offensive adjustment, when both were changed to 0 the Redskins fall from 6 wins to just 2 while the Raiders only fall from 7 wins to 6. The 2017 table below has similar situations.

Modify only the Offensive Adjustment Percentage and Defensive Adjustment Percentage. Refresh the page to bring back defaults.

2018 Table