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About Us

About PossessionPoints.com

PossessionPoints.com is a data analysis company. We are dedicated to analyzing football data for fans interested in NFL team performance and fantasy football. In addition, we use our one-of-a-kind analysis to provide entertaining stories and articles based on the proprietary PossessionPointssm stat.  PossessionPoints.com seeks to bring the usefulness of stats to a new level by generating easy-to-understand indicators which can be used by football fans, fantasy football players, broadcasters and coaches to examine game situations and guide decisions.

PossessionPoints.com provides significant content to non-members on its site. The site does include a members area where more information on individual games, projections and fantasy football player performance projections is available. Members and non-members have access to the "Points-Of-The-Week" newsletter - our weekly look into the data and zaniness that is the NFL. Regular features include "Top Dog of the Week" as well as "Unlucky Dog" and "Lucky Dog" .


About Our Founders



Donna Cavanagh - CEO, writer, co-founder

Donna is a freelance journalist and writer with more than 15 years experience in the publishing world. Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines and on-line publications.  Donna is also a published humor writer whose columns have appeared in newspapers and national women's magazines.  She has also co-authored a business book and still writes extensively on business topics.  As an avid sports fan, Donna loves to watch college and pro-football, and it is rumored that on Sundays, her screams, jeers and cheers can be heard clearly within a five-mile radius of her home. 

Ed Cavanagh - stats & indicators , co-founder

Ed is a computer engineer and data analysis expert with multiple patents in the field of computer I/O architecture. He also has an MBA in Finance and has worked in the field of semiconductor marketing. Ed has been involved with data analysis in various forms throughout his career.

Ed has always been a sports enthusiast.  Besides playing his beloved golf, Ed umps baseball and  softball.  Now, he has taken his passion for data and sports and combined them with his data expertise to build the foundation for the web-based business, PossessionPoints.com. "When we combine the power of this new stat with the entertaining writing style of Donna, I'm sure we'll have a winner," said Ed when asked how this new venture would fair in the competitive world of the web.

Coleen Cavanagh - Summer Marketing Intern

Coleen joins PossessionPoints.com this summer as a marketing intern. A member of the National Collegiate Honor Society, Coleen is entering her senior year at Penn State University' s renowned Smeal College of Business.  Coleen has implemented and designed all social media pages for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. She also writes press releases, works the phones, handles customer service requests and helps develop the never ending Excel spreadsheets.