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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: For the 2019 Season PossessionPoints.com will free for 4 weeks then $29.00. That's right - after 3 successful seasons we will be instituting a subscription fee. More details coming soon!

PossessionPoints.com - your winning NFL team information.  PossessionPointssm has changed the face of traditional NFL analysis.

Welcome to the site where you get ONE-OF-A- KIND, not-seen-anywhere-else data on your favorite NFL Teams! Just think how this information WILL change how you view NFL games.

PossessionPoints.com is a UNIQUE stat that revolutionizes NFL analysis.  Our stat enhances traditional analysis and sometimes even challenges it. PossessionPoints gives you a clear edge when you need information the most.

Again in 2019 - We will follow our Picks with fictional $400 bankroll for the season. Each week on our "matchup" page we will make picks for the "Parlay Game".  Current Balance will be tracked in our Members area and on our home page.

Current Balance: $420

(In 2018 we ended up with $600

In 2017 we ended up with $525

In 2016 we ended up with $530

In 2015 we ended up with $365)


Our 2019 Season Projection tool. (2019 tool coming soon)  The Interactive 2019 Season Projection tool is available. This is the tool we use for generating our Preseason Predictions. It picks the outcomes of every game of the season based on the teams Offensive and Defensive rankings and home field adjustments. This tool will never project any outcomes that doesn't equal exactly 256 wins and 256 losses. Now you can make your own modifications to offense and defense of various teams and see how these changes could effect the season outcome.  

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PossessionPoints moto: "Data is information waiting to be discovered."

Most stat sites give users data and let people draw their own conclusions, at PossessionPoints data is only useful if there is meaning, this is when data becomes information. We don't just give you information we give you the significance along with it.

See PossessionPoints Performance Rankings - a step above traditional opinion based Power Rankings.

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Do you know of an NFL stat that identifies winners 75 % of the time?  How about 90 %?  We do, because we developed it, and it's called PossessionPoints.  Our stat focuses on what it takes to win NFL games. If you have a good PossessionPoints team, you have a good football team.

Come on in and learn what PossessionPoints can do for you!